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How to set up a ecommerce website

To set up an ecommerce site there are a variety of moving parts to ensure the functionality of its use. To start an ecommerce site takes planning and strategy to effectively rank, gain visitors trust and drive traffic. Starter ecommerce websites will take more work to get traffic and depending on the business paid advertising may be an option to drive traffic immediately to the website as we know SEO takes time. 


Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Researching the competition to determine what the products or services your company is offering will help better understand what people are searching for and how to drive traffic to your website. 

Elements of an Ecommerce Website

  • Attributes Backlinking 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Business Citations 
  • Categories
  • Checkout Process 
  • Email Campaigns 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Fast Load Times 
  • High Quality Images 
  • Internal Linking 
  • Lead Capture 
  • Mobile Responsive 
  • On Page SEO 
  • Sales & Discounts 
  • Schema Taxonomy

First things first is to determine what type of ecommerce site are we building. 

Types of ecommerce websites

  • Subscriptions
  • Products
  • Software as a Service (SAS)
  • Service-Based
  • Online Marketplace

What is an ecommerce platform?

An ecommerce platform is a type of online software that allows a business to sell products or services and manage a store. Based on the size and scale of your business there are multiple platforms available. 

Types of ecommerce platforms








Payment Processing Services

Credit Cards

As your business grows and increases revenue online, payment options should be easy to use and manage for customers. Having options such as credit cards, Apple pay, Amazon pay, Paypal, and bitcoin in some cases helps increase conversion rates. Some types of payments, like Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, may only be of interest to businesses in specific industries. Expanding alternative payment methods can always be added such as Google pay or digital wallets like Masterpass and Visa Checkout. As a business you’re looking to keep transaction fees lower in order to increase revenue.

Ecommerce Solutions Traffic & Rankings

What are your Ecommerce Business Objectives?

  • What are the primary objectives of the business retargeting customers or clients? 
    • (i.e. reduce cost, improve scalability, become more agile, eliminate vendor lock-in)?
  • Are there any restrictions using your current ecommerce platform? 
    •  (i.e. time overheads, technical restrictions, inability to scale)?
  • What features does your company need to operate?
    •  (i.e. system integrations, catalog / product setup requirements, advanced bundling logic, subscriptions, multi-store architecture, core merchandising features, page building functionality etc)?
  • What are features you’d like to have implemented on your website?
    • (i.e. advanced native search, chat bots, personalized features, customer segmentation etc)?
  • What key new features does your company need and what is the impact 
    • (i.e. dropshipping, endless, aisles, advanced personalization, front end control, etc )?
  • What are the key systems integrations required for launch 
    • (e.g. Enterprise resource planning, warehouse management system, order management system, customer relationship management, etc)?
  • What are the future systems integrations required for phase two 
    • (e.g. point of sale, marketplace)?
  • What are the key operational requirements
    • (e.g. configurable products, bundled products with a specific logic applied, advanced subscriptions, advanced promotions engine etc)?

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