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Brands I've Worked With

Brands I've Worked With


Increase Website Traffic

Strategic content creation around your business, products and services is stating the obvious. Focusing on evergreen topics, trends, seasonality and visuals for users can drastically help a business. In order to increase website traffic, content is part of the equation but there are technical enhancements such as website speed, responsiveness between mobile devices and desktop computers, internal links, structured data and web core vitals.

To simple put it we’ll need to cover a few areas:


Types of Digital Marketing

Depending on the type of business you operate, service, product based, SAAS, B2B or B2C, the strategy will be very different. We’ll take a look at the direct and in direct competitors to understand the how they are competing with your company on search engines. Keep in mind, search engines like Google may be a large source of traffic to your company but we can also take a look at email marketing, social media, paid advertising, affiliates and other sources of website traffic and revenue.


Data Analysis

Diving into a company's analytics to understand the metrics and where to make improvements.

Technical Analysis

Website structure or taxonomy, schema, responsiveness, web core vitals, crawlability, indexability, accessibility, etc.

Tracking & Progress

Let's make sure we're tracking the right metrics, and have the correct tracking set up from the right tracking codes to the keyword groups.

Social Media

Understanding your audience and content creation to increase traffic and brand awareness.

Web Hosting

Hosting is a big part of website performance. There are a variety of hosting plans, from shared, dedicated, cloud based, etc. In addition to server side and client side rendering.


User testing and accessibility is becoming more common. Focusing on accessibilty can mitigate potential issues for users.

E-commerce Business Marketing

E-commerce is complex and there are multiple moving parts to it from SEO where we would focus on product keyword research, facets, filters, taxonomy, product-specific content, image alt text, internal links, categorizing products, structured data, product feeds, upsells, sales funnel optimization and the list continues.


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