Gian Galliani

Hi! I’m Gian Galliani and welcome to my website.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked at established financial companies and fast-growing smaller corporations. My journey and experience in online marketing and the financial field has been an interesting path.

I originally started out in online marketing working at an agency as a project manager. At that digital marketing agency, I learned how to interact and manage business owners across numerous industries from ecommerce, health, beauty, dental, insurance, baby, retail etc.

Gaining that experience in online marketing allowed me to pursue a career as a financial advisor where I worked at JP Morgan Chase, Mass Mutual, New York Life & Guardian.

During my time as a financial advisor I was able to build a book of business through online lead generation by building out websites from scratch, social media, and paid ads. After working in finance for 7 years and managing $150 million in assets, I was simply burnt out at the end and needed a change.

Transitioning fully into online marketing was quite simple and an incredible stress reliever from the financial industry. Over the past few years, I’ve managed teams and consult with companies on developing an online brand and presence, improving their rankings, and generating more traffic while converting to sales. With experience in all verticals of digital marketing and in the financial, insurance, health, e-commerce, construction, and entertainment industries. I continuously develop and build-out websites for small, mid and large companies.

Online Marketing Guide

I believe anyone can learn how to market their business online, it just takes patience, time and effort just like anything. Focusing on your business online is no different than having a physical brick and mortar location. You have to be creative enough to beat your competitors and drive more customers or clients to your store. My goal is to provide as much information or help to those who come across my site. Most of the time making adjustments to your website are so simple you really don’t need to hire someone.

Where Can I Help?

Gian’s Services

I’d be more than happy to take a look at your company website. We can speak in further detail through my appointment booking to spend between 30 minutes, an hour or more to review your business and what your goals are, whether that is to drive more traffic, sales, phone calls or possibly a new website.


What area can I help you in?

Take a look through my website to see if you need help with search engine optimization, paid advertising or both. We’ll make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices or we may have to create a new one. With over 200 ranking factors we can conduct a website audit and see where we need to begin. Send me an email at any time at info@giangalliani.com.